Discourage by book rejections? Read Varon Laub’s self-publishing experiences.

Legends of AyriaIt is easy to be discouraged by agent and publisher rejections of your book. However, it may be that you are a good writer but that no agent or publisher is willing to take the risk on your book.

Varon Laub describes why he ended up self-publishing:

‘I’ve been an avid reader of Sci fi and Fantasy all my life, with an imagination as wide as the farmlands I grew up on. With every book I’ve read, movie or tv show I’ve watched, video game I’ve played I constantly think to myself, what if the story ended differently? Or what if this character played a bigger role?
At an early age I began to write my own stories. As early as 3rd grade even. Everything from world war 3 to a story from the perspective of a kitten.
Like many beginning writers, I kept a lot of my writings to myself, sharing only with a few select people. With their encouragement I shared my writings with a wider and wider audience. The more good reviews I got, the more courage I gained. I focused mainly on a book I’ve titled “Legends of Ayria: The Seventh Thousand Year” The first of many from a world known as Ayria.

Then came the rejections. Submissions given to publishers and literary agents never responded to or responded to in the negative, most with a feeling that they had not really given my book a fair shake. I knew my novel was worth reading, but I was discouraged.
About the time I had mostly stopped working on my writing, I met my wife. Through her encouragement and that of my friends, I began working on my novel once more. By talking about my book I learned one of my co-workers had been an artist for Disney and was willing to do my book cover. Working with him to complete the cover was an exciting time.

Finally I felt I had the tools to move forward and self-publish my novel, and now my dream of being a published author is real. I may not be a best-selling author yet, but I know as I get the word out to the world of readers, it is only a matter of time.

Varon Laub is the author of ‘Legends of Ayria: The Seventh Thousand Year’. The book is set on the planet of Ayria and as the seventh thousand-year approaches, there are prophecies of it ushering in either an age of darkness or an age of peace and prosperity. There are a number of key players in the book: A banished god, seeking vengeance; A powerful dark wizard and the magical organization he controls, seeking world domination; An exceptionally gifted young mage within this organization who seeks freedom from its evil designs; A retired soldier who once again finds himself in the midst of politics and conflict; A gigantic slave with a mysterious inner voice that claims only he can bring equality to all mankind and the grand-daughter of the powerful Elven Lord, sent to find the one with the power to save them all.

You can email the author at legendsofayria@gmail.com and can purchase it at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E3E2C14


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