Self-publishing with Createspace

proofI have just self-published a book using Createspace. It was quite easy as I used word to upload my file. Before uploading, I added page numbers to the word document, added a title page with copyright in my name, table of contents and introduction. I inserted a blank page between each chapter because that is how I wanted it. I also made sure that there were no headings at the bottom of a page. I made sure that my text started on the right as this is the norm for non-fiction books. At the end, I had references and an ‘About the author’ page. Once you have uploaded your book onto Createspace, you can see a digital proof of it. Look at this carefully before asking for a print copy of your proof. I made a couple of mistakes at first about how much space I wanted between chapters and headings but this wasn’t a problem as Createspace just allowed me to reload a file. The good thing is that they allow you to change and upload files as many times as you like. I made some more changes after I received the print proof copy of my book. It is worth getting a print copy as there are some things you just don’t notice on a digital proof. I am also really happy that I have a hard copy of my book. I went for a glossy cover and it looks great. Createspace added the ISBN code.

Createspace also creates a Kindle version of your book but I had already done this so I did not need it. I could have saved time if I had use Createspace initially.

‘Psychology for parents: Birth to teens’ is for sale on Amazon.


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