Faye Carlisle

I have self-published my first book ‘Psychology for parents: Birth to teens’ on Amazon and smashwords.com.

I am a psychology teacher with over 10 years’ experience and have worked at four different schools in the UK, both in the independent and state sector.

When I became a mother, I felt that many parenting books offered conflicting advice.  At one extreme there are attachment parenting books, which suggest that parents should carry their baby around at all times and co-sleep. At the other extreme, there are books telling parents to get their baby into a routine straight away.

My psychology background led me to look at the academic research on parenting and to write a book based on evidence rather than opinion.

Before I became a Psychology teacher, I worked in advertising and started my career as a media planner/buyer at New PHD. I then worked at i-level specialising in online advertising. My desire to promote my book, has rekindled my interested in online marketing.

The aim of this blog is to share experiences of self-publishing and to offer advice to other self-published authors. I also want to attract self-published authors who might be interested in mutual marketing where we help each other build an audience for our books.


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