Mutual marketing for self-published authors

I would like to get authors to give their experiences of self-publishing on this blog. You can email me with your experiences at fayecarlisle at gmail dot com or send me a private message on my facebook page ‘Faye Carlisle author page’ . You may want to give tips about self-publishing, why you wanted to self-publish, a success story or just discuss your frustrations. You can then give a synopsis of your book at the bottom with links to where you sell your book or your blog. I can also add any images of your book to that post. The post will then go to my blog followers and twitter followers.

If you would like to do an author interview, answer the following questions and email me at fayecarlisle at gmail dot com

Why did you write your first book? What is it about?
Why did you self-publish?
What do you think is good about self-publishing?
What are the problems of self-publishing?
What are your favourite sites for getting the word out about your book?
How did you build twitter followers?
How have you dealt with any negative responses?
What positive feedback/encouragement have you had?

You can follow my twitter account @FayeCarlisle1

In return, you could review my book, post about my book on your blog/twitter account or if you feel happy to and you know any parent friends, you could email them the following:

‘I am doing some mutual marketing for my book with another self-published author. She has written a book ‘Psychology for parents: Birth to teens’, which you may be interested in. It present psychological research on parenting in an accessible way and aims to bridge the gap between child psychology textbooks and traditional parenting books’. She is giving away a copy of her ebook to every 10th person who emails her at psychologymama at gmail dot com. Please feel free to email this onto your other parent friends. Offer closes July 2014.’


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